UPDATE: SSC Napoli 20-21 Home Kit Design Leaked - Red Sponsor Text on Blue Kit?

Update: @atuteladellamagliadelnapoli has received new info on the Napoli 20-21 home shirt, suggesting that the Lete sponsor will appear in red and MSC in blue, after all. They hope that the bad impression this red-on-blue application will surely have at first will lead to it being changed, similar to when Napoli first used blue numbers on the 2019-20 kit before switching to white for legibility reasons.

A first draft of the SSC Napoli 2020-2021 home uniform has been created by Napoli shirt experts @atuteladellamagliadelnapoli. The new Napoli 2020-2021 home kit is again made by Kappa.

The draft is based on information collected by @atuteladellamagliadelnapoli before the Covid-19 crisis.

Kappa SSC Napoli 20-21 Home Shirt

This is the updated design of the SSC Napoli 20-21 home jersey, made by Kappa.

The Kappa Napoli 2020-2021 jersey combines the club's iconic sky blue and white colors. The Kappa Napoli 2020-2021 shirt has a modern and simple look that is typical for Kappa.

The most eye-catching difference to previous shirts is the removal of the patches for the sponsors - they are finally "kit-friendly". This friendly look is in fact based on new regulation to be introduced by Serie A for next season.

Initial draft by @atuteladellamagliadelnapoli

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In terms of the accuracy of the leak, Enrico Caruso, Kappa sales manager, said the design will be different but confirmed the new look of the sponsor logos.

Sky blue shorts and socks will round off the look of the new SSC Napoli 20-21 home uniform by Kappa.

Napoli's new 2020-2021 home strip will likely be available from July 2020.

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