SSC Napoli 19-20 Home & Away Kits Leaked + Home Released

Update: Official pictures of both the new away and third kits of Napoli have surfaced on Amazon, confirming the earlier leak despite the club's denial. Thanks to @TutelaMagliaNA.

Update: SSC Napoli Head of Operations Alessandro Formisano said that the leaked images of the SSC Napoli 2019-2020 kits would "be prototypes that do not represent the kits that will actually be adopted, which will be different". We think that they final SSC Napoli 2019-20 kits will look only slightly different, however.

"Yesterday evening some images of alleged SSCN jerseys for the next season were circulated. These images represent some prototypes of the jerseys, which Kappa and SSCN have considered adopting. They do not represent the kits that will actually be adopted, which will be different".

The first pictures of the Napoli 19-20 home, away, third and goalkeeper kits have been leaked online, confirming the previous color info.

Again made by Kappa, the new SSC Napoli 2019-2020 jersey are set to be released from July 2019 (home).

It could be the last-ever Napoli kits made by Italian brand Kappa for the near future as Adidas is reported to replace Kappa as SSC Napoli jersey maker in 2020.

Adidas to Become SSC Napoli Kit Maker?

Kappa SSC Napoli 2019-2020 Jerseys

Just as this season, the new Kappa Napoli 2019-20 kits are all based on the same design. The Napoli 2019-2020 kits feature a weave that's similar to a pixelated pattern, visible against the light. They shirts have a Korean style collar.


The Kappa Napoli 2019-20 home kit is blue, Napoli's traditional color. There are white panels on the sleeves as well as along the sides, but also dark blue / black trim on the collar, sleeve cuffs and in the form of the Kappa logo on the right.

Napoli 19-20 Home Kit Released


The SSC Napoli 2019-20 away jersey has a color that's not usually used by the club. It's Military Green with white logos and light blue trim on the collar and in the form of the sleeve cuffs.


The Kappa SSC Napoli 2019-2020 third jersey is white, combined with sky blue applications.

Do you look like the SSC Napoli kits by Kappa for the 2019-2020 season? Let us know in the comments below.