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SSC Napoli 19-20 Home, Away, Third & Goalkeeper Kits Released

SSC Napoli today released their new 2019-2020 away and third kits, as well as the two goalkeeper kits. Napoli's 19-20 home kit was already launched last month.

It could be the last-ever Napoli kits made by Italian brand Kappa for the near future as Adidas is reported to replace Kappa as SSC Napoli jersey maker in 2020.

SSC Napoli 2019-2020 Home Jersey

This is the SSC Napoli 2019-20 home shirt.

The Kappa Napoli 2019-20 home kit is blue, Napoli's traditional color. There are white panels on the sleeves as well as along the sides, but also dark blue / black trim on the collar, sleeve cuffs and in the form of the Kappa logo on the right.

Kappa SSC Napoli 19-20 Away Shirt

This is the SSC Napoli 2019-2020 away shirt, made by Kappa.

The SSC Napoli 2019-20 away jersey has a color that's not usually used by the club. It's Military Green with white logos and light blue trim on the collar and in the form of the sleeve cuffs.

Kappa combines the Napoli 2019-2020 away jersey with military green shorts and socks.

Kappa SSC Napoli 2019-2020 Third Shirt

Check out Kappa's SSC Napoli 2019-2020 third shirt below.

The Kappa SSC Napoli 2019-2020 third jersey is white, combined with sky blue applications.

Kappa combines the SSC Napoli 19-20 third jersey with white shorts and socks.

Kappa SSC Napoli 19-20 Goalkeeper Home Jersey

Check out the SSC Napoli 2019-2020 goalkeeper home jersey below.

Based on the same template as the player jerseys, Napoli's new 2019-20 goalkeeper home shirt is red with sky blue trim and white logos.

SSC Napoli Kappa 2019-2020 Goalkeeper Away Jersey

This is the SSC Napoli 19-20 goalkeeper away shirt.

The new SSC Napoli 19-20 goalkeeper away jersey is dark blue with sky blue details and white logos.

Napoli's new 19-20 home, away, third, goalkeeper home and goalkeeper away shirts are available to buy, retailing at €89.

What do you think of the new SSC Napoli 2019-20 home, away, third and goalkeeper shirts? Drop us a line below.