What If? Wolfsburg 20-21 Home Kit Based on Leaked Colors and J-League 2021 Template

Based on what we know about Wolfsburg's 20-21 kit colors, the leaked Kashima Antlers 2021 home kit and the fact that Wolfsburg love a 'X' shirt design, we've created a draft of what the Wolfsburg 20-21 home kit might look like.

Note: This is not an accurate leak - no design specifics of the Wolfsburg 20-21 kit are known as of now.

Wolfsburg 20-21 Home Kit (Concept)

This picture shows our Wolfsburg 2020-21 home shirt concept.

We've used the official colors of the Nike Wolfsburg 20-21 home kit - 'sub lime' and white for our concept.

As for the design and template, we've used what we've seen on the leaked Kashima Antlers 2021 home kit. The J-League team's jersey features a 'X' design that's not unlike those used by Wolfsburg recently.

Wolfsburg and Kashima Antlers sharing a shirt graphic wouldn't be out of the ordinary as Nike is known to recycle the custom graphics used by its '1B' teams.

Would you like for this to be similar to the real Wolfsburg 20-21 home kit? Comment below, and check out the Kit Overview for more.