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All-New Girondins Bordeaux Logo Revealed

In May 2020, Girondins Bordeaux CEO Frédéric Longuépée announced that the French club will get a new logo for the 2020-21 season and beyond. Now the new Bordeaux logo was officially unveiled, confirming the one shown off at an event of the club's fan club Ultramarines a couple of days ago.

Girondins' management began the redesign of the logo around one year ago in 2019. The wish is to put the logo in line with the shareholder's desire to develop the “Bordeaux” brand. Working groups were created and the Ultramarines were associated at the start with this approach.

Girondins Bordeaux 2020 Logo

The below image shows the brand-new Girondins de Bordeaux logo.

The new Bordeaux 2020 logo come with many changes compared to the previous crest, which are all in line to "develop the Bordeaux brand". The full name of the club, FCGB, has disappeared. The new logo only comes with the text "Bordeaux Girondins" and the creation date of the club, 1881. The golden color makes its appearance. In addition, the width of the scapular is also different.

The new club emblem forms part of a broder strategy for the club, which includes three pillars.

  • A SPORTS PILLAR : regularly target European qualifying places.
  • A REGIONAL PILLAR : to be an integral part of the "Gironde community".
  • A GLOBAL PILLAR : the prestigious image of Bordeaux in the eyes of the world.

Would you like this to be the new Girondins Bordeaux 2020 logo? Share your thoughts in the comments below.