All-New Mazatlan FC Liga MX Club Launched - No More Monarcas Morelia

Some time ago, it was announced that the Mexican Liga MX Monarcas Morelia franchise would be moving to the city of Mazatlán. Now the name and the all-new logo of the new Mazatlán Liga MX team has been announced - introducing Mazatlán FC.

New Liga MX team.

The team changed the social networks from @FuerzaMonarca to @MazatlanFC before presenting its all-new logo. They presented a video with the following words: "We are @MazatlanFC we are the new ones and more than one we are going to make uncomfortable. Pacific to the world."

Mazatlán FC - 2020 Logo - New Liga MX Team

The new Mazatlan FC team use purple color as its main color. The new Mazatlan FC 2020 logo boasts a modern yet classic football logo look that some resembles of the Inter Miami CF crest.

The all-new Mazatlán FC logo contains four symbols - the sunrise, anchor, cannons, and lighthouse. On their website, Mazatlan FC explained their new logo.

The Dawn: Strength and energy. The first rays of the sun at dawn will always be part of an unforgettable postcard and pride of Mazatlán.

The Anchor: Present and inspired by the City's coat of arms. It keeps us on solid ground anchored to the roots of Mazatlán.

Cannons: Eternal representatives of the fight for our territory. Symbol of national defense in 1864. In each battle we will defend the name and pride of Mazatlán.

Colors: The sunset sky in Mazatlán. The purple hour that tells us that the night is about to begin, filling the city with life, party and soccer.

The Lighthouse: From the highest point of Mazatlán, the home of the Lighthouse that guards and guides our sailors. We are the light that illuminates the Pacific.

On the morning of June 8, the Twitter account of @FuerzaMonarca began to become empty and later became @ Mazatlán FC, taking more than 600 thousand followers.

In its description message, the new Liga MX franchise highlighted that they founded the team in the midst of this Health Emergency caused by the coronavirus. "The team of the most important port in Mexico. Founded in 2020, during a pandemic, in the midst of a crisis, we were born to overcome everything, that's how our people are."

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