Detailed Analysis - UEFA EURO 2000 Kits - Dominated By Adidas

On June 10 2000, around 20 years ago from today, the UEFA Euro 2000 officially began. We take a look at the football kits and the designs of the 2000 UEFA European Football Championship, in cooperation with Football Kit Archive.

The 2000 UEFA European Football Championship were the first Euro to be co-hosted, by Belgium and the Netherlands.

Detailed Analysis - UEFA Euro 2000 Kits

After the kits of the 1990s stood out because of their bold designs, the UEFA EURO 2000 kits resumed to more classic looks. Adidas opted for many classic collars, while Nike had much more modern looks for their kits.

However, the kit that stood out in the UEFA Euro 2000 was definitely Kappa's effort for Italy, the first to be based on the brand's Kombat model.

Peter Schmeichel with a typical 1990s kit in 2000...







UEFA EURO 2000 - Kit Suppliers

Adidas was by the far the leading shirt supplier of the UEFA Euro 2000. Adidas made the kits for half of the teams including champions France, followed by Nike (3 teams) and Umbro (2 teams).

Adidas: 8 teams

Nike: 3 teams

Umbro: 2 teams

Kappa: 1 team

Hummel: 1 team

Puma: 1 team

Adidas did also make the official UEFA EURO 2000 ball, the Adidas Terrestra Silverstream.

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