Fake La Liga Crowd Glitches Out During Sevilla vs Barcelona

Friday, 19 June 2020
A lot has been said of La Liga's attempts of trying to create more of at atmosphere following the restart after the coronavirus break.

Today's game between Sevilla and Barcelona provided us with a first: the virtual crowd, which is essentially a plane with a texture of 'fans' totally glitched out at around the 65-minute mark.

Instead of getting updated to fit the current view of the camera, the crowd remained in the same place and thus started to 'float' above the stands. It took La Liga around two minutes to act, when the crowd was removed.

Unfortunately, after another five minutes, the original fake crowd was restored.

Please Not Do This, Premier League - La Liga Adds Ridiculous Virtual Crowd And Sounds To Fake Crowd

Did you also notice this during the game? Drop us a line below.
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