Leak Reactions: Adidas Arsenal 20-21 Away Kit

On Thursday, 28 May 2020, we exclusively leaked the Adidas Arsenal 2020-2021 away jersey. In contrast to last season's 19-20 Bruised Banana away jersey, the reactions of people were not as positive.

Arsenal 20-21 Away Kit Leaked

Leak Reaction: Arsenal 20-21 Away Kit

Fans on Twitter compared the new Arsenal 2020-2021 away kit to a crime scene and blood.

One said: “Maybe it will scare out opponents meaning we start winning away from home?”

Another tweeted: “Arsenal have gone with a blood splatter pattern for their away kit to honour how they get battered out of the Top 4 every season.”

A third added: “Looks like the player has just been mauled by a bear.”

In fact, the actual inspiration for the 2020-21 away kit are likely the marble halls of Highbury.

Do you like the Arsenal FC 20-21 away kit? Share your thoughts in the comments below and see the 2020-21 kits of all teams in the Kit Overview.