Nike 20-21 Kit / Pre-Match Inspired Products Leaked - Barca, PSG, Roma & More

With the 2019-2020 season finally have started in all big European leagues except France, where the season was canceled, many, many 2020-21 kit releases are soon to happen. With it, Nike will release products inspired by their 2020-21 kits for the Swoosh's biggest teams.

Nike 20-21 Elite Teams Collections

The new Nike 2020-21 collection for its biggest teams brings us stylish designs inspired by the jerseys and pre-match designs of the same season.

In example, Barca will get a black / gold bag inspired by the away. PSG will get a bag inspired by the 20-21 Pre-Match jersey as well as Mercurial shin pads with the 2020-2021 home kit design.

The Nike collection includes bags, balls, shin pads, jackets, caps and many more products.

FC Barcelona:

AS Roma:

AS Roma 20-21 Home Kit Leaked - 3 New Pictures

Atletico Madrid:

Atlético Madrid 20-21 Home Kit Leaked - Exclusive New Pic

Paris Saint-Germain:

Nike PSG 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked - 3 New Pictures

Inter Milan:

Inter 20-21 Home Kit Leaked - Zig Zag

The new Nike 2020-21 Elite Clubs Collection will be launched in the coming weeks.

What do you think of these products? Which is your favorite? Comment below and see the Kit Overview for all leaks.