Player Named McDonald Changes Name To Burger King On Kit

Football is returning around the globe these days. Now Jonathan McDonald, a 32-years old player from Costa Rica, could people talking by changing the name on his shirt.

Jonathan McDonald Changes Name To "Burger King" As Advertising

In Sunday's match between Alajuelense vs Saprissa, Jonathan McDonald, who usually only uses his last name on the shirt, entered the field with the name of another fast food chain, “Burger King".

The reason for him to change the name is pretty simple - it was marketing.

The match ended in a draw to two after Deportivo Saprissa went 0-2 and Alajuelense managed to tie. He could not mark McDonald, who came as a substitute in the game.

In case you are wondering. The name change would be no allowed in most countries where players are forbidden to use a different name than in their identification card.

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