St. Mirren 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released

We have kit news from the Scottish Premiership as the new Joma St. Mirren 20-21 home and away shirts were released yesterday.

The St Mirren Football Club 20-21 home and away uniforms are made by Joma for a fourth season in a row.

St Mirren Football Club 2020-21 Home Shirt

This is the new Joma St Mirren Football Club home jersey for 2020-21.

The Joma St. Mirren 2020-2021 home jersey returns to the club's traditional look featuring five black stripes which pay homage to our current club crest. The back of the home shirt will be plain black with gold detailing.

"It was in the 1950s that St Mirren began wearing a club crest on our strips with a badge that was a variation of the Paisley Burgh Coat of Arms. Many variations of the badge existed over the next 40 years but all prominently featured a castellation effect at the top".

"However, in 1996, following a decision from the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh, who is responsible for Coats of Arms and Heraldic Crests, which said the Buddies could no longer use the castellation effect, St Mirren commissioned a new badge with five black stripes to mimic the mural crown of the burgh."

Joma combines the St Mirren F.C. 2020-2021 jersey with black shorts and socks.

St Mirren F.C. 2020-2021 Away Shirt

This is the St Mirren Football Club 2020-21 away shirt, made by Joma.

After last season’s away shirt boasted a striking pink and black color combo, the Joma St. Mirren 20-21 away shirt is red and black. The Joma St Mirren Football Club 2020-21 away jersey has an one-of-a-kind gradient stripes design.

Joma combines the St. Mirren 2020-2021 away jersey with black shorts and black / red hooped socks.

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