White / Gold Nike Premier League Collection Released - Incl. (Takedown) Ball

For the final phase of the 2019-2020 English Premier League season, Nike has launched a stylish white and gold Premier League collection.

White / Gold / Metallic Nike 2019-2020 Premier League Collection

The new "Season Final" collection brings us stunning white, gold and metallic silver looks for at least four items - the Nike Merlin Strike EPL ball, the Nike Mercurial Lite Guard & Charge shin guards and the Nike Backpack.

The new White / Gold Nike Premier League 2019-2020 collection does not include a high-end soccer ball.

Nike Premier League Strike - White/Gold/Metallic Silver/Black

Nike PL Mercurial Lite Guard - White/Gold/Metallic Silver/Black

Nike PL Charge - Silver/Metallic Gold

Nike PL Backpack - White/White/Black/Metallic Gold

The white / gold Nike Premier League collection is available since June 2020.

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