Adidas MLS 2021 Ball Released - Features Names Of All MLS Cities

The new MLS 2021 ball by Adidas was officially released today confirming the previous leaks. The Adidas MLS 2021 soccer ball is called "Adidas Nativo 21 ".

Adidas Nativo 21 MLS 2021 Ball

This picture shows the new MLS football by Adidas.

In huge contrast to the Adidas MLS 2020 ball, which celebrated the 25th anniversary of the league, the Adidas MLS ball for the 2021 season comes with the usual color scheme of modern MLS balls - white, red and blue.

25 Years Of MLS - Adidas 2020 MLS Nativo XXV Ball Released

On the white upper are large grey US and Canada inspired graphic elements, while the upper also comes with the usual logos and insignia.

A new element is that the ball also features the names of all cities that have a MLS team Los Angles, New York City, Montreal etc.

If we look at tech, the MLS 2021 soccer ball is of course made by Adidas and based on the brand's latest model, which is still the same as the 2018 World Cup ball.

Replica Version - MLS 2021 Ball

The new MLS ball was launched on February 1st.

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