All Leaked & Official Ligue 1 2020-21 Kits

Sunday, 12 July 2020
Let's take a look at all Ligue 1 20-21 kits that have been released and / or leaked so far, including PSG, Lyon, Stade Rennais and Bordeaux.



Featuring the club's trademark design, the Kappa Angers SCO 2020-21 football shirt is white with four black stripes on the front. The sleeves are also striped, while gold accents and trim round off the design.

Kappa Angers SCO 20-21 Home & Away Kits Revealed


The Kappa Angers 20-21 away shirt is white with black accents on the collar and in the form of the sleeve cuffs. The outstanding feature of this one is the graphic that's present on both sleeves.



A clean look based on the trademark style, the Adidas Bordeaux 20-21 home jersey is dark blue with a white 'V' across the chest. The Adidas and Bordeaux logos are placed above the shape.

Adidas Bordeaux 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released


The Adidas Bordeaux 2020-21 away shirt is predominantly white with gold and dark red accents and trim.



The adidas Stade Brestois 2020-21 home football shirt is based on the Condivo 20 template in a custom red-and-white colorways, curiously featuring a centered club crest.

Exclusive - No More Nike: Bespoke Adidas Stade Brestois 20-21 Home & Away Kits Leaked


A classy look for the club's 70th anniversary, the adidas Stade Brest 2020-2021 away shirt is mainly dark blue with gold accents and trim, including a monochrome club badge - once again placed centrally on the chest.


Based on the Adidas Tabela 18 template in the stock white-red colorway, the Adidas Stade Brest 2020-21 third shirt gets completely dominated by the many sponsor logos found all over - we are counting five just on the front.

Adidas Stade Brest 20-21 Third Kit Released

RC Lens


The Macron Lens 20-21 away shirt introduces a clean design in black and green. Predominantly black, the collar and sleeve cuffs of the Macron Lens 20-21 away jersey are petrol green.

RC Lens 20-21 Ligue 1 Away Kit Revealed


The Macron RC Lens 2020-2021 third shirt is truly Sang et Or ("Blood and Gold") as it features a bold center stripe in the club's principal colors which created this nickname.

RC Lens 20-21 Ligue 1 Third Kit Released



Predominantly red, the New Balance Lille 2020-21 home football shirt features an abstract graphic on the chest, holding the NB and club logos. The graphic draws inspiration from the club badge and aims to combine the heritage with the modernity of the club.

Lille 20-21 Home Kit Released



The Kappa FC Lorient 2020-21 home jersey celebrates the Festival Interceltique which will take place in Lorient in August 2021 with an 50th anniversary edition dedicated to Brittany.

Unique Kappa FC Lorient 20-21 Home, Away & Third Kits Released


The Kappa FC Lorient 2020-21 away jersey is predominantly white with a unique sash design that's made up of smaller horizontal stripes dominating the front in orange.


A stunning look in black, white and blue, the new Lorient 2020-2021 third jersey takes up the topography of the Lorient harbour. A mecca for French yachting, this mouth with more than a dozen ports is displayed on the entire front of the jersey through a turquoise blue line that contrasts with the black colour that dominates the jersey.



The Adidas Lyon 20-21 home jersey introduces a clean design to celebrate the French club's 70th anniversary.

Adidas Olympique Lyon 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released - 70th Anniversary


A more unusual look, the Adidas Lyon 2020-2021 away football shirt is dark grey with a black collar and black sleeves cuffs in a style that derives from the Condivo 20 template.


The Adidas Lyon 2020-21 third shirt boasts a modern color scheme. The Adidas Lyon 2020-2021 third football shirt combines the main color 'Mystery Blue' with 'Shock Yellow' applicaitons.

Olympique Lyonnais 20-21 Third Kit Info Leaked

AS Monaco


The new Monaco 2020-21 kit Built features the iconic diagonal design, with red at the top on the heart side and white at the bottom. The sleeves are white white. A gold edging runs along the flanks, recalling the prestige of the Principality’s club.

AS Monaco 20-21 Home Kit Released


The Kappa AS Monaco 2020-2021 away football shirt celebrates the club's trademark digonal design, imagined by Princess Grace in 1960 - just like the home.

AS Monaco 20-21 Away Kit Released


Predominantly white, AS Monaco's 2020-21 third shirt pays homage to Monaco by displaying iconic monuments such as the statue of François Grimaldi, the Louis II stadium and the Sainte Dévote church.

AS Monaco 20-21 Third Kit Released


Home, Away and Third

The Nike Montpellier 2020-21 home jersey has a classy look. Predominantly royal blue with a geomtric print with orange stripes along the sides and an orange collar. This is based on Nike's Trophy IV template.

Montpellier 20-21 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

FC Nantes


A bespoke look, the Macron Nantes 20-21 home football shirt is yellow with green stripes on the front, applied in a brushstroke effect - something we're seeing a lot this season from different brands, including the Adidas Juventus home shirt.

Macron FC Nantes 20-21 Home Kit Released


A typical Macron alternative look, the Macron FC Nantes 2020-21 away football shirt is black with bright yellow accents and logos.

FC Nantes 20-21 Away Kit Released

Olympique Marseille


The Puma Olympique Marseille 20-21 home football shirt is of course be predominantly white with sky blue details. The Puma logo is golden this time around, while the collar and cuffs have the same color as the 'OM' part of the crest.

Olympique Marseille 20-21 Home Kit Released


The new Puma Olympique Marseille 20-21 away kit combines a navy base with light blue accents and trim.

Olympique Marseille 20-21 Away Kit Released


The new OM 2020-2021 3rd jersey combines two shades of blue - Bleu Azur and Vallarta Blue. You can see how the colors will look like above - a lighter shade of blue (Bleu Azur) combined with a darker shade of blue (Vallarta Bleu).

Olympique Marseille 20-21 Home, Away & Goalkeeper Kits Released + Third Kit Leaked


Goalkeeper Away

What do you think of the new Marseille home, away and third shirts by Puma? Drop us a line below and see the 2020-21 Kit Overview for all leaks.



PSG's 2020-21 home shirt brings back the iconic Hechter design after so many years - it hasn't be used since 2011-12 to be exact. The shade of blue is the same one used on the last few PSG home jerseys.

Nike PSG 20-21 Home Kit Released


A similar look to the home, the Nike PSG 2020-2021 away shirt is predominantly white, featuring a red center stripe with a thinner blue stripe on either side of it.

PSG 20-21 Away Kit Released


The PSG 20-21 third jersey brings a very classy design, combining a 'bordeaux' base with 'truly gold' for accents and logos.

Nike Paris Saint-Germain 20-21 Home, Away, Third & Fourth Kits - Release Dates Leaked


The new Paris SG 2021 dungaree jacket will be available from January 2021.

Fourth Kit Design - Insane Jordan PSG 2021 Items Leaked


The Nike PSG 2020-2021 goalkeeper football shirt is based on Nike's new 'Gardien' template, albeit in a custom, orange and black colorway.

PSG 20-21 Goalkeeper Kit Released



The Le Coq Sportif ASSE 2020-21 home shirt introduces a stylsih design in the club's traditional green and white colors.

Saint-Étienne 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released + 3rd Design


The new Saint-Étienne 2020-2021 away shirt is white, the club's second historic color. Enhanced by a contrasting two-tone play of green and white, this model recalls the old jerseys developed by Le Coq Sportif for the club.

Stade de Reims


Produced by Umbro, the Umbro Stade Reims 20-21 home football shirt introduces a clean design in red and white.

Stade Reims 20-21 Home Kit Revealed - New Logo


White and royal blue, the Umbro Stade Reims 2020-2021 away jersey is adorned with patterns that pay a luminous tribute to the stained glass windows of Reims Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic art that appears on the Unesco World Heritage List. The shirt that also evokes the great tradition of the art of stained glass in Champagne.

Stunning Umbro Stade Reims 20-21 Away Kit Released - New Logo

Stade Reims


The Umbro Stade Reims 2020-2021 third jersey is orange and black, which is inspired by the first jerseys worn by the club after it was founded 90 years ago.

Stade Reims 20-21 Third Kit Released

Stade Rennais


The Puma Stade Rennais 20-21 home shirt introduces a bespoke look in the club's traditional colors red and black, combined with white logos.

Stade Rennais 20-21 Home Kit Released + Away Kit Leaked


Predominantly white, the Puma Stade Rennais 2020-2021 away football shirt boasts an abstract graphic print on the front, while the collar, sleeve cuffs and logos are black.

What's your favorite Ligue 1 20-21 kit? Comment below, and check out the Kit Overview for more.
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