Olympique Marseille 20-21 Third Kit To Be Inspired By Hip Hop Culture

The first information about Marseille's new 2020-2021 third shirt was leaked. It is again made by Puma and set for a launch in late Summer 2020. Thanks to Ofobal for the information.

Olympique Marseille Puma 2020-2021 Third Jersey

Check out the colors of Marseille 2020-2021 third football shirt below.

The new OM 2020-2021 3rd jersey will combine two shades of blue - Bleu Azur and Vallarta Blue. You can see how the colors will look like above - a lighter shade of blue (Bleu Azur) combined with a darker shade of blue (Vallarta Bleu).

The accent colors of the Marseille 20-21 third kit are not known yet - they are most likely white or the darker shade of blue.

In line with the other Puma jerseys for the 2020-21 season, Marseille's new 2020-2021 third jersey will pay homage to the city itself. To be concrete, the Olympique Marseille will be inspired by the city's famous hip hop culture and the rap group IAM.

"The hip hop culture within Marseille is unique to the city itself. While other cities may follow the trends of the US, the rappers of Marseille use the genre of music to promote their local culture instead. Legendary rap group IAM is quoted having said, “There is a culture of respect, we’re all Marseillais”.

The new Puma OM 2020-2021 3rd jersey is set to be launched after the EURO 2020 - July or August 2020.

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