All-New Team: Racing Louisville FC Logo & Name Revealed

The newest club of the NWSL, the highest Women's US soccer league, has revealed its identity. Introducing Racing Louisville FC.

Racing Louisville FC begins play in the spring of 2021. NWSL expansion to Louisville was first revealed in the fall of 2019.

Racing Louisville FC Name Origin

Racing is a moniker used around the world by soccer clubs close to auto, horse and cycling tracks. This marks its first use in the United States with Louisville, of course, home to Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby.

Racing Louisville FC Logo

The Racing Louisville FC logo combines the fleur de lis with a unique color palette: lavender and midnight violet.

The new Racing Louisville FC brand identity was created by renowned Matthew Wolff Design firm, which also created crests for Los Angeles FC and New York FC, among others.

“We couldn’t be happier with the work Matthew has done in creating a unique and identifiable brand for Racing Louisville FC,” said Soccer Holdings’ president, Brad Estes. “The color palette and core elements in the crest allow for creative merchandising opportunities we hope our supporters will love.”

Matthew Wolff said lavender is also unique to Racing Louisville FC, as no other pro sports team in the country features that color. The designer selected lavender to sit comfortably alongside Louisville City FC’s deep purple.

Wolff spoke with hundreds of fans and female soccer players during his process in deciding to use the fleur de lis as Racing Louisville FC’s key design element.

“I noticed Louisvillians view their city as the intersection of the south and midwest, along with a cross section of colors. One identifying mark is the fleur de lis,” Wolff said. “The stylized lily flower from the former royal arms of France, the fleur de lis it is firmly embedded into Louisville’s history and culture. It is a symbol of identification and a point of pride.”

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