Attention: Kappa Napoli €40 Replica vs €90 Authentic Kits

On July 14 2020, online retailer Classic Football Shirts added the current-season Kappa Napoli 2019-2020 kits to their website. When seeing the image of the kits from the well-trusted retailer, we immediately thought that something is not right - we started some research to find out what caused our ("correct") reaction.

Classic Football Shirts pictured the replica versions of the Kappa Napoli 2019-2020 jerseys, which are very different to the authentic ones. Let us compare the unique case of the two different kits Kappa offers for SSC Napoli fans and all other kit enthusiasts.

Kappa Napoli 2019-2020 Replica vs Authentic Jerseys

Similar to other big clubs and brands, the Kappa Napoli 19-20 kits are available as authentic and replica. However, while the replica and authentic jerseys usually don't differ greatly, the case with Napoli is different.

Pricing Differences

The Kappa Napoli replica kit retails at just 39 Euro, a very fair and low price. The Kappa Napoli authentic kit retails at 89 Euro, which is not too high for an authentic kit and less than what the big brands want.

In fact, in Kappa Italia's online sale, the Fan version is available for just €19, while the authentic is available for just €45 (Classic Football Shirts is overpriced in that case - €38 Euro for the replica, €55 for the authentic).

Design & Technology Differences

The Kappa Napoli €40 replica and the €90 authentic have three big differences.

First, the replica lacks many features of the authentic kit such as the collar.

Second, the replica comes with different brand logos such as the Kappa Omini logo (bigger on the replica).

Third, the replica has the replica KOMBAT™ kit technology and not the authentic KOMBAT™ material.

Authentic Kappa Kit: KOMBAT™ Authentic Napoli

  • Stretch fabric with HYDRO-WAY PROTECTION technology
  • Short sleeve with inserts, collar with front flap and button, inserts on shoulders and graphics printed on front panel
  • Omini logo on chest and sleeves, SSC Napoli back lettering made with heat applied transfer, 3D silicone team patch logo on chest applied with heat applied transfer and sponsors made with breathable transfer

Replica Kappa Kit: KOMBAT™ Fan
  • Interlock fabric
  • Short sleeve raglan, crew neck, sublimatic print graphics on front panel, back panel and sleeves. Omini logo on chest made in heat applied transfer, Omini logos on sleeves, sponsor, SSC Napoli back lettering made in sublimatic print and jacquard team patch logo embroidered on chest

Other Kappa 2019-2020 Replica vs Authentic Jerseys

The differences of other Kappa replica and authentic kits for teams such as AS Monaco and Leeds United are not as big - the replica and authentic of other clubs come with the same design and logos. They just different technologies (KOMBAT™ Pro and KOMBAT™ Replica) and fit (Player Issue is very tight).

There are two main reasons for Kappa to offer the very cheap replica - the main is that fakes are being sold in Napoli and surrounding areas (they can dry up the fake market), the second (and less important) is that the south if Italy is not as rich as other parts of Europe.

Did you knew that Kappa is selling these different replica / match jerseys for SSC Napoli? What do you think of the differences of both versions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.