Castore Copies Nike Kit Elements For Rangers 20-21 Home Kit

The new Rangers FC 2020-21 home kit was released on July 1 2020. It is Castore's first-ever soccer jersey - however, at least two elements of Castore's Rangers jersey were not invented by Castore. Thanks to @phildelves for the heads-up.

Castore Rangers 20-21 Home Kit Features Similar Collar & Back Detail As Old Nike Kits

The Rangers FC 2020-21 home kit features a stylish collar in blue, red and white. The collar directly reminded many of Nike's 2019-2020 third kit, which introduced a 1990s-inspired collar design.

The second element that is inspired by Nike is the back panel design, which was introduced by the Swoosh for the 2018-2019 season. Rangers' jersey has clear similarities to those of PSG's 2018-2019 home kit from the back.

In case you are wondering - The Castore Glasgow Rangers 2020-2021 jersey have been designed by Emre Gultekin, a Turkish designer who is working for UK brands and clubs since a few years.

The Castore Rangers FC 20-21 away and third kits come with a relatively large crew neck collar and the same back panel construction.

What do you think of that? Do you like the first-ever Castore football kit? Share your thoughts in the comments below.