Breath-Taking Kappa Clube do Remo 20-21 Third Kit Revealed

Monday, 27 July 2020
We have kit news from Campeonato Brasileiro Série C as Clube do Remo have unveiled their new Kappa 20-21 third and goalkeeper shirts a couple of days ago.

The jersey is a tribute to 185 years of the Cabanagem (1835-1840), a critical movement within the former state Grão-Pará. The poverty within a majority of Grão-Pará's population led to a revolt to finally overcome the oppression and neglect within the Empire of Brazil. The riot significantly impacted the future of the state nowadays known as Pará.

Clube do Remo 2020-2021 Third Jersey

This is the Clube do Remo 2020-21 third football shirt, made by Kappa.

Remembering the blood spilled, the Kappa Clube do Remo 2020-2021 third shirt is mainly burgundy with an intricate graphic print covering the front, while the sleeves and back are plain burgundy. A 'Y' shaped collar with golden trim as well as white cuffs with golden trim and a white Kappa logo add to the look. The woman's version uses a large V-neck with golden trim.

Details-wise, the beginning (1835) and end (1840) of the uprising adorn the sleeve cuffs. Additionally, a white map of Brazil at that time with the state of Grão-Pará highlighted in red sits on the upper back, while the phrase 'O Espírito guerreiro do Clube do Remo' (The fighting spirit of Clube do Remo) is printed on the lower back.

Kappa Clube do Remo 2020-2021 Goalkeeper Third Kit

This is the Clube do Remo 2020-2021 goalkeeper third jersey, made by Kappa.

Based on the same template, the Kappa Clube do Remo 20-21 goalkeeper third shirt is white with golden details and black logos to create a divine look.

Clube do Remo's 20-21 third uniform will be available from August 15, retailing at R$ 220 (USD 42), with a discount for club members.

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