In-House Coritiba 20-21 Home Kit Released

Coritiba's new 2020-2021 home shirt was released today. It is made in-house and will be worn in next season's Brasileiro campaign.

The Coritiba 2020-21 home strip is made by the club's own brand, 1909.

1909,In-House Coritiba 20-21 Home Shirt

This is the Coritiba FC 2020-2021 home jersey, made by 1909.

The Coritiba 2020-2021 home football shirt honors the city of Curitiba, with references to the famous pedestrian street XV de Novembro in petit-pavé.

The 1909 Coritiba 2020-2021 shirt is white with the traditional green horizontal stripes on the front. The green stripes come with subtle details that are inspired by the Petit-Pavé sidewalks of Rua XV de Novembro (Rua das Flores), one of the city's tourist attractions.

The famous symbol of the pedestrian street XV de Novembro, which onsists of several pinions forming a circle, is applied on the lower right side in green.

The club combines the Coritiba FC 2020-2021 home jersey with black shorts and white socks.

The Coritiba Foot Ball Club 2020-2021 home kit is available since July 16, retailing at R$ 229.99 (37 Euro).

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