Limited-Edition Nike Premier League Seitiro Ball Released

Closing the season on a high, Nike today unveiled its latest limited-edition Premier League football remake, the 2011-12 Seitiro.

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Nike Total 90 Seitiro Remake Ball - White / Multicolor / Black

This picture shows the remake Nike T90 Seitiro football.

This 2020 remake of the Nike Total 90 Seitiro football from the 2011-12 season has the same design, details and specs as the original.

The ball, which was used across the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A that season, has a micro-textured upper with 32 panels.

No fewer than 1066 goals were scored using the Seitiro in the 11-12 Premier League, the most scored with any Nike ball in a Premier League. Among these goals was Sergio Agüero's last-minute winner against QPR to hand the City the title.

Nike Premier League Seitiro - Features

  • Micro-textured casing gives you consistent touch and feel.
  • Rapid Decision and Response (RaDaR) technology adds high-visibility graphics so you can see the ball better while making split-second scoring and passing decisions.
  • 360-degree sweet spot distributes pressure evenly across panels.
  • Hand-sewn construction means tighter seams for durability.
  • Carbon-latex bladder maintains air pressure more consistently than traditional rubber bladders.
  • FIFA-approved specifications.
  • Comes complete with presentation box.
  • Price: £155 (€175)
  • Colorway: White / Multicolor / Black

Just as the e.g. Geo Merlin and Total 90 Aerow remakes before, the Nike Premier League Seitiro 2020 ball reissue is quite limited and comes in a special box set. It's available right now, retailing at £155 / €175.

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