Luxembourg 2020-2021 Home & Away Kits Released

Macron and the Luxembourg Football Federation presented the national team's new home and away kits today, created as part of Macron's deal with the UEFA 'Kit Assistance Scheme'.

No More Same Kits For European National Teams - Macron Replaces Adidas As UEFA Kit Assistance Brand

Macron Luxembourg 2020-2021 Home Shirt

Check out Macron's Luxembourg 2020-2021 home jersey below.

The Macron Luxembourg 2020-2021 home shirt is bright red with white logos and blue trim on the collar and sleeve cuffs.

A bespoke lion graphic pattern is applied to the front of the Macron Luxembourg 2020-2021 football shirt, while "ROUDE LÉIW HUËL SE" (Red Lion hit them all!) is printed on the upper back just below the neckline.

Macron combines the Luxembourg 20-21 home jersey with red shorts and socks.

Luxembourg 2020-2021 Away Shirt

Check out Macron's Luxembourg 2020-21 away jersey below.

Predominantly white and featuring a Korean style collar, the Macron Luxembourg 2020-2021 away jersey boasts a center stripe design in blue and red.

The Luxembourg flag is recreated on the sleeve cuffs, while the same "ROUDE LÉIW HUËL SE" text appears on the upper back.

White shorts and socks round off the look of the new Luxembourg 2020-2021 away uniform by Macron.

The Luxembourg 2020-2021 home and away kits retail at €79.

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