Stuttgart 20-21 Bundesliga Home, Away & Goalkeeper Kits Released

After returning to the Bundesliga after one season in the second tier, Stuttgart unveiled their new home, away and goalkeeper the new VfB Stuttgart 20-21 home, away and goalkeeper strips. VfB Stuttgart's 2020-2021 uniforms are once again be produced by Jako and feature Mercedes-Benz Bank as main sponsor.

Both jerseys refer to VfB Stuttgart's home town Bad Cannstatt with the place name sign and the coordinates in the neck.

"Once again we have put our heads together with our main sponsor Mercedes-Benz Bank and supplier JAKO, or rather broke our own heads, in order to be able to offer you beautiful VfB jerseys with a lot of white-red lifeblood."

VfB Stuttgart 2020-21 Home Jersey

This is the VfB Stuttgart 2020-2021 home jersey, made by Jako.

The Jako VfB Stuttgart 20-21 football shirt is white the team's unmistakable red chest ring. The Jako VfB Stuttgart 2020-2021 home shirt is based on the VfB jersey from the 1987-1988 season and brings its structure back to the fabric.

The chest ring itself is narrower and higher this time, for a very athletic and sporty look.

Jako combines the VfB Stuttgart 2020-2021 home shirt with white shorts and socks.

VfB Stuttgart Jako 20-21 Away Kit

Check out Jako's VfB Stuttgart 20-21 away football shirt below.

With the away jersey, Suttgart "goes new ways". The Jako Stuttgart 20-21 away shirt is black and red with silver logos.

The colour scheme of the Jako VfB Stuttgart 2020-2021 away jersey is inspired by the away jersey 1997/1998 and the Stuttgart city map adorns the jersey, with the heart of the stadium directly under the crest.

Black shorts and socks round off the look of the new Stuttgart 2020-2021 away strip by Jako.

VfB Stuttgart 2020-2021 Goalkeeper Jersey

Check out Jako's VfB Stuttgart 2020-21 goalkeeper jersey below.

Stuttgart also released two new unique goalkeeper jerseys.

First the Jako VfB Stuttgart 20-21 goalkeeper football shirt is yellow. The colour scheme of the yellow goalkeeper jersey is based on the colours of the VfB founding clubs FV Stuttgart 1893 and Kronenklub Cannstatt. The print on the fabric also consists of the two coats of arms of the founding clubs.

The purple goalkeeper jersey is the counterpart to the away jersey for our keepers with a city map and uniform colour finishes.

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