Kaizer Chiefs Reacts To 'Identical' Black / Gold Barcelona Kit

Update: South African club Kaizer Chiefs were very surprised and also a bit disappointed when they saw Barcelona's new away jersey for the 2020-21 season, according to marketing director Jessica Motaung who talked with South African newspaper "The Sowetan" about both kits.

Nike did not anticipate the popularity of Kaizer Chiefs' jersey and was not able to produce enough shirts for Kaizer Chiefs

Kaizer Chiefs' commemorative jersey was released in early January and sold out in days. This caused some anger in the club because the club didn't have the chance to maximise their revenue as Nike said they didn't have enough material to make more shirts for their 50th-anniversary celebrations but still managed to produce something similar for the La Liga giants.

"I understand that Nike does projections and they look at past things, but this was a significant milestone that we knew would catapult demand," she said, "and we were advised about the lack of material that we used for our jersey. So, we were surprised when we saw the Barcelona jersey."

With that [being] said, it’s a beautiful jersey and I hope that the gold and black does for Barcelona what it’s done for us.

"We have a wonderful partnership with Nike but in this instance, we’re slightly disappointed that we missed the opportunity to really take it further with our supporters for our 50th [anniversary] at the level that we anticipated, and also to leverage revenue," concluded Motaung."

Twinned By Design: Nike Kaizer Chiefs 50-Years Anniversary vs Barca 20-21 Away Kit

Official images of Nike's FC Barcelona 2020-21 away jersey got leaked this week. The shirt was boasts striking comparisons to Kaizer Chiefs' 50th anniversary kit - we compare both.

The Nike Kaizer Chiefs 50th anniversary third kit was released in January 2020 to celebrate the club's 50-years anniversary. It is used as third kit.

Nike Kaizer Chiefs 19-20 50th Anniversary vs FC Barcelona 2020-21 Away Kit

Both the Nike Kaizer Chiefs 19-20 50th Anniversary shirt and the FC Barcelona 20-21 away kit combine a black main color with gold logos and applications.

The colors and elements of both kits are almost identical - the main differences are the collar and the template - Nike's Barca 20-21 away kit is based on the brand-new Nike 2020 Vapotknit template.

FC Barcelona's away kit for next season launches in late July / early August 2020, seven months after the Kaizer Chiefs 50-years anniversary kit.

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