Aston Villa 20-21 Away Kit Released + Third Kit Leaked

Update: Following up the launch of the home kit at the start of the month, the new Aston Villa 2020-21 away strip was unveiled today.

The new Aston Villa 2020-21 away uniform is black for the first time since 2017-18, and only the third time in ten years.

Just days after the release of the new home kit, the first pictures allegedly showing Aston Villa's 20-21 away and third uniforms have surfaced online via @AVFCTransTweet.

Note: We have edited the picture of the away to improve color accuracy.

Aston Villa 20-21 Home Kit Released

Aston Villa Kappa 2020-21 Away Kit

This is the new Kappa Aston Villa away jersey for 2020-21.

A clean look based on the same template as the home, the Kappa Aston Villa 2020-21 away football shirt is black with dark red pinstripes and a white Kappa logo on the right chest. The collar of the Kappa AVFC 2020-21 away jersey is white and red.

The Kappa Aston Villa 2020-2021 away jersey features the same high-detail silicone crest that amazed people following the home kit release.

Kappa combines the Aston Villa 2020-2021 away jersey with black shorts and socks.

Aston Villa 2020-2021 Third Jersey

Check out Kappa's Aston Villa 2020-2021 third football shirt below.

An outstanding way to round off the set, the Kappa AVFC 2020-21 third jersey is white with a subtle camouflage pattern and monochrome blue logos. The collar is half blue, half yellow.

After it was suggested that this could be a training or pre-match top, @AVFCTransTweet had the following to say:

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