Chelsea To Keep 'Old' Kit Font For 2020-21 Season

Chelsea FC debuted the Cup version of their 2020-21 home jersey in the Champions League match against Bayern Munich. With it, we also got a look at the kit with the club's custom Cup font.

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Chelsea 2020-21 Cup Kit Font Is Carried Over From Last Season

The Chelsea 2020-2021 kit font is not new but the same that was introduced for the 2020-21 season. Chelsea's 2019-20xx custom jersey font has a classy look with thin lines.

We think that the 'old' Chelsea kit font even fits the kit better than it fitted the 2019-20 home kit.

The Chelsea 2020-2021 kit with the Cup Printing costs you an additional 18 Euro.

Chelsea 20-21 Home Kit Revealed

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