Every Liverpool 20-21 Away Shirts Looks Different - Here Is Why

The Liverpool 20-21 away kit is set the latest example in a series of kits where every single shirt seems to have a slightly different design.

The club recently shared pictures from the away kit setup at the official store and it seems to prove the point - when inspected closely, no two shirts of the ten on display are exactly the same.

It's definitely an interesting 'feature' and something we could observe with a number of other shirts over the past few years.

But if you take a very close look, the patterns are actually not entirely random but more so just offset from jersey to jersey.

In production, while we cannot prove it of course, the pattern is printed on a roll of fabric, tiling along the length of it, before the different shirt panels are cut out and later sewn together. It also appears that two or more shirt fronts fit along the width of the fabric as elements of the design appear offset to the right and left on the finished product as well.

Either way, we think this adds another edge to this design and makes the buying process in-store a lot more interesting - people buying online will of course receive a random one and not get the opportunity to 'choose' the exact design.

Nike Liverpool 20-21 Away Kit Released

Let's hear your thoughts on this interesting detail of Liverpool's 20-21 away kit in the comments below.