Hannover 20-21 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Together with equipment supplier Macron, German 2. Bundesliga Hannover 96 today presented the new kits for the 2020-21 season today. Hannover 96 will debut their new home jersey in the test match against HSC Hannover next Saturday.

On April 12, 2021, this season, Hannover 96 celebrates its 125th birthday as is well known. The starting signal for the anniversary season is given by the three jerseys presented today. Thus, all field player jerseys are adorned on the back with the lettering "Hannover 96 - 1896-2021".

Hannover 20-21 Home Shirt

This is the Hannover 96 20-21 home football shirt, made by Macron.

The Macron Hannover 20-21 home football shirt features the club's traditional red main color. Nevertheless, it offers a novelty - it is a very special red.

"We felt that we had played through all the shades of red in the past. In cooperation with the fan clubs, but of course also from the point of view of the unique selling point and recognition, the home jersey of Hannover 96 will be designed in exactly this shade of red in future," says Josip Grbavac, Head of Marketing at Hannover 96, "It's our red - and that's how we want people to recognise us immediately.

The Macron Hannover 96 20-21 home football shirt features a so-called jacquard vertical stripes look. According to the club, this ensures an extremely pleasant wearing comfort. "It remains a sporty, very high-quality garment. However, the jersey's jacquard insert also gives the jersey an incredible feel-good boost, so that it is not only worn during sports but also when chilling on the couch," says Grbavac.

The shirt has a white crew neck with a small v-shaped cut in the front.

The shorts are black, while the socks are white. On the back of the calf is the 96 logo.

Hannover 96 Macron 20-21 Away Shirt

Check out Macron's Hannover 2020-21 away jersey below.

A rich green dominates the Macron Hannover 2020-21 away shirt. The special feature is that additional different shades of green in different shapes create a soft, playful camouflage look.

"We found the combination extremely exciting and attention-grabbing," says Grbavac. "When our boys enter the pitch with it, it's a bit of an announcement. It was important to us and Macron that the camouflage look wasn't too aggressive, not military, but rather playful."

The away jersey (classic crew neck) is complemented by green pants and black socks.

Macron Hannover 2020-21 Third Shirt

This is the new Macron Hannover third jersey for 2020-21.

The Macron Hannover 20-21 third jersey has the same camo style as the away jersey. Macron combines the grey main color of the Macron Hannover 2020-21 third football shirt with white logos / applications and a classic-inspired collar with green / white detailing.

Grey shorts and socks complete the new Macron Hannover 2020-21 third strip.

"Close cooperation with the club is a key factor in the development of the new jersey collection," says Oliver Weber, Sports Marketing Manager at Macron. "History, tradition, innovation and design are all ingredients that determine the success of a new jersey. The new Hannover 96 jerseys have all this and 'tell' both players and fans the feeling of belonging to the club. The 125 years of history celebrated in the new season that is about to begin make these jerseys even more special".

What do you make of the new Hannover 96 2020-2021 home, away and third kits? Drop us a line below.