15 Most Important Summer 2020 Transfers - Players New Kit Numbers

Update: We have fixed the error with the Morgan Chelsea kit. Alex Morgan has actually signed with Spurs and she wears 13.

The first 2020-21 transfer window is open until October 4 2020, which is much longer than usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic and seasons having started much later. Despite teams having less money fro transfers than usual (exccept Chelsea), there have been some major player movements. We take a look at numbers the likes as Gareth Bale, Timo Werner, Kai Havertz and Ivan Rakitic will wear in 2020-21.

2020-2021 Transfer Window One - New Signings & Their Numbers

Most of the numbers of the first transfer window signings are as you would expect - Werner got the No 11 kit, Thiago his No. 6 kit and Leroy Sane the No. 10 kit. However, there are some that are quite surprising or "not the perfect choice".

Hakimi is Inter's new No. 98 (born on 4 November 1998), James is Everton's new No. 19 and Gareth Bale has been given the No. 9 kit.

Chelsea FC 2020-21 New Signings

Manchester City FC 2020-21 New Signings


Victor Osimhen No. 9

Osimhen No. 9

Hakimi No. 98

Thiago No. 6

Rakitic No. 10

Pjanic No. 8

Leroy Sane No. 10

Arthur No. 5

Bale No. 9

James: No. 19

Vidal: No. 22

Of which kit number are you most surprised? Is there any that is not fitting despite Bale? Comment below.