6 2020-21 National Team Kits With Nation's Sponsors - What If?

On September 4 2020, we took a detailed look at how the 2020 national team collections look with the official sponsor logos on them. Sponsors are of course forbidden on the country's official match jerseys - we imagined how six 2020-21 national team kits would look like with sponsors.

20-21 National Team Soccer Jerseys With Sponsors

For our concepts, we got inspired by the respective training / lifestyle wear of each country. So, in example, we placed the Volkswagen logo below the Adidas logo on the Germany 2020 Adidas home kit, added the BT logo on the front and the Deliveroo logo on the sleeves of the England 2020 Nike home kit.

For Italy, we plastered the four country's main sponsors on the front - however, it is heavily unlikely that Italy would release such a kit, so we also created a kit with just one sponsor (FIAT).







Do you like any of these kits? Do you think that sponsors will be allowed for national teams in the future? Comment below.