Sponsor Overload? 2020 National Team Training Kits "In Reality"

The possibly biggest between national and club team kits is that the jerseys of federations do not have sponsor logos on it. However, that is only the case with the official match kits - all other gear of the biggest national soccer teams has sponsor logos on it. We take a look at the Adidas, Nike and Puma 2020 collections with sponsor logos on them.

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The names of national team sponsors are not on the front during international matches because this is prohibited under FIFA regulations.

On Pitch: Adidas, Nike & Puma 2020 National Team Training Gear

The new 2020 training gear of all nations comes with at least one sponsor logo, while many teams have more than one sponsor. In example, England's gear comes with BT's logo on the front and deliveroo's logo on the sleeves. Italy's even has eight logos - four on the front and four on the back.









Most of the training items of the nations are sold without sponsors, with one important exception. The Holland Nike 2020 training items are only available with the ING logo.

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What do you think of national teams having sponsors on their gear? Do you think that national teams should have no sponsors on any official training wear? Share your thoughts in the comments below.