Adidas 2022 Champions League Final Ball Leaked

Update: We can leak the first real pictures of the Saint Petersburg Adidas Finale 2022 (knockout stage) Champions League Ball. Thanks to Maks.

The leaked pictures show off the ball that Adidas originally designed for the 2021 UEFA Champions League final that was originally planned to take place in Russia. It features the text "Final 2021". We expect Adidas to change the wrong insignia.

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Now the 2022 UCL final will be played at the Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia on 28 May 2022.

Adidas 20-21 UEFA Champions League Ball Released

The 2021 UEFA Champions League Final was scheduled to be played at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul instead of the Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was played in Porto in the end and will be played in Istanbul in 2023.

The 2021 UEFA Champions League ball was officially called "Adidas Finale 20Y" - Adidas celebrates its 20-years anniversary as Champions League ball supplier in 2021.

Adidas Finale 2022 Champions League Ball

Inspired by the host city Saint Petersburg, the new Adidas 2022 Champions League ball is mainly white with a stunning muticolor graphic design inspired by the skyline of Saint Petersburg. The upper also comes with the letters "PETSG" for Petersburg.

Tech-wise, the new Adidas Finale 2022 UEFA Champions League soccer ball is the same as previous Champions League footballs.

Winter Snow Version

Glider Takedowns

The Adidas 2022 Champions League OMB will be available for around 150 USD from early 2022.

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