Ultimately Lame: Nike 1860 Munich 20-21 'Löwenherz' Kit Released - No Oktoberfest Kit This Year

German club 1860 München released a special kit for the club's most loyal fans. Officially called Nike 1860 SE shirt, the kit is dedicated to fans who bought a special season ticket called Löwenherz (lion heart) - without refund if no / few fans are permitted.

1860 München 20-21 Home Kit Released

1860 Munich also announced that they will release no Oktoberfest kit this year.

Nike 1860 München 20-21 Löwenherz Kit

This is the new Nike 1860 Munich Löwenherz shirt for 2020-2021.

The Nike 1860 Munich 20-21 Löwenherz jersey has a very simple and basic design based on the Nike Park 7 teamwear jersey in white and black.

The Nike 1860 Munich 2020-2021 SE shirt comes with a small logo of main sponsor "Die Bayerische" on the center front between the Nike logo and 1860 crest, while the chest area features a special "Mein Herz Für Sechzig" (my heart for 1860) logo.

1860 München's 2020-21 Löwenherz kit is not available to buy. Only fans who bought the club's 20-21 season ticket called 'Löwenherz' will get it.

The new 1860 München 2020-21 Löwenherz kit will be worn in a single league match.

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