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Unfitting Collar Of Liverpool 20-21 Home Kit Causes Controversy - Should Nike Fix It?

Update: As rightly noted in the comments, the collar of the Liverpool 2020-21 home kit is not unique but is also used for Inter's 20-21 away kit, Barca's 20-21 away kit and Tottenham's 20-21 home kit. We nevertheless think that the collar design is not optimal in terms of fit.

Over the past few weeks, Liverpool FC have worn their 2020-2021 home jersey various times. Now one element of the kit got people talking, and it is not favorable for Nike - the collar looks unfitting for players.

Nike Liverpool FC 20-21 Kit Collar Too Big On Back?

The picture that perfectly shows off what people makes skeptical about Liverpool's 20-21 home kit shows Naby Keita and a collar that is obviously looking a bit too big for him on the back.

Liverpool's 20-21 home kit has an one-of-a-kind collar new Nike collar that is small on the front but big on the back - it gets bigger from front to back. This makes it look not only pretty strange but may be also not perfect for players.

Below is a picture that shows off that it is not optimal - see Firmino...

The problem for the collar on the Nike Liverpool 2020-2021 home kit to be unfitting seems to be (a bit) bigger for small players - the collar looks quite well for big players such as Fabinho... but we are not sure on that yet.

The collar of the replica Nike Liverpool 2020-21 home kit looks even worse as it is faked a little bit.

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