Universitario 2020 World Alzheimer's Day Kit Released

In a premiere for football in Latin America, Peruvian club Club Universitario de Deportes and Ecuadorian brand Marathon released a special kit to raise awareness for thr fight against Alzheimer's disease.

World Alzheimer's Day will be celebrated on September 21. Universitario will use the new Universitario 2020 World Alzheimer's Day kit occasionally in the month of September. World Alzheimer's Day has been established to raise awareness about Alzheimer's disease, which causes memory loss and cognitive skills.

Universitario Marathon Sports 2020 World Alzheimer's Day Shirt

Check out Marathon Sports' Universitario 2020 World Alzheimer's Day shirt below.

Mainly cream, the Marathon Sports Universitario 2020 Día de Alzheimer shirt features an all-over graphic that mimics the neural networks that make up the brain. The graphic is purple - the coloralso appears for a gradient on the bottom and other elements such as the sides, the neck and a monochromatic shield.

The purple color acquires presence in this shirt because it is the color used to represent the fight against Alzheimer's.

An alternative purple version was also presented.

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