Wycombe Wanderers 20-21 Championship Home, Away, Third + Insane Goalkeeper Kit Released

Monday, 7 September 2020
We have kit news from Championship today as Wycombe Wanderers have launched their new O'Neills 2020-2021 third kit yesterday, completing their set for the 2020-21 season.

Wycombe Wanderers O'Neills 2020-21 Home Kit

Check out O'Neills' Wycombe Wanderers Football Club 20-21 home football shirt below.

The O'Neills Wycombe 20-21 shirt features the team's traditional design in blue and navy blue quadrants. The transition between them is made through thin lines, which are also arranged on the cuffs.

The round neck collar combines the two shades of blue - in the back of the neck is written Chairboys.

O'Neills Wycombe Wanderers 2020-21 Away Shirt

This is the new O'Neills Wycombe Wanderers FC away football shirt for 20-21.

The O'Neills Wycombe Wanderers 20-21 away jersey is yellow with a subtle unique triangle pattern on the body. Navy blue is used for logos and appears in detail on the collar and neck.

Wycombe Wanderers Football Club O'Neills 2020-2021 Third Kit

This is the new O'Neills Wycombe Wanderers third jersey for 20-21.

Based on the same design as the home kit, the O'Neills Wycombe Wanderers 2020-21 third football shirt is red and white.

O'Neills Wycombe Wanderers 2020-2021 Goalkeeper Kit

This is the new O'Neills Wycombe Wanderers Football Club goalkeeper home jersey for 2020-2021.

Wycombe Wanderers releases two very different yet similar goalkeeper shirts for 2020-21. Both the O'Neills Wycombe Wanderers Football Club 2020-21 goalkeeper jerseys have the same design, but are nevertheless completely different due to the choice of colors.

The O'Neills Wycombe 20-21 home goalkeeper shirt is black changing to gray, while the the O'Neills Wycombe Wanderers 20-21 goalkeeper away shirt is violet, green and yellow.

The new Wycombe Wanderers 20-21 home, away, third and goalkeeper kits are available for 45 GBP, respectively.

What do you think of O'Neills' new home, away, third and goalkeeper kits for Wycombe Wanderers? Drop us a line below.
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