20+ All-New, New & Updated 2020-21 Club & National Team Logos - Iceland, Rangers, Bordeaux & Many More

2020 has not only brought us new football kit and football boot launches but also some things that will remains for more than one or two years - all-new visual identities and club brands - we take a look at club's and national team's new logo that are in use from the 2020-2021 season.

New 2020 Football Logos - Clubs & National Teams

From the 2020-21 season, many teams have a totally new visual identity, including Italy's Hellas Verona, Cyprus' Asteras Tripolis, France's Stade de Reims and England's Stockport County.

Many teams just changed their logos slightly. In example, RB Leipzig made its logo more optimal in terms of sizing, Rangers updated a few elements, while PSV just changed the typefaces of some elements of the club crest.

Interestingly, many national teams also changed their logos, and they all made really big changes to their identity - the most liked new national team logo in 2020 so far has been Iceland's new crests, part of a complete rebrand.

Club Teams

New Identity

New Logo

Updated Logo

National Teams

Do you like the 2020 football logos? Which is your favorite? Which do you not like? Comment below.