Official: Juve Ditches "Juventus" Lettering From Logo

Update: With the release of the new 2020-21 home kit, Juventus announced that they have removed the Juventus letter from their logo forever - the latest evolution of the logo is described as "a single symbol that alone is enough to represent Juventus in the world".

Updated Juventus 2020 Logo

The new 2020 Juventus crest is the same as before just without the Juventus writing. The original all-new Juventus "J" crest was launched in 2017.

Finally, innovation comes in the form of the latest evolution of the logo: a single symbol that alone is enough to represent Juventus in the world.

May 2020: Leaked - Juve Ditches "Juventus" Lettering From Logo

Juve's 2020-21 home and third kits got leaked these days, finally. If you looked closely at the kits without getting distracted by the crazy designs, you might have noticed that the logo on the Juventus 2020 kits is different to before. Thanks to @andarsofian for the heads-up.

Juventus 2020-2021 Kits Come Without Juventus Lettering On Logo

The Adidas Juventus 2020-21 kits come with the Juventus logo without the extra Juventus lettering, which has been part of the Juve kits since the new Juventus logo was launched in 2016 for the 2017-18 season. It is a more clean look that removes the "unneeded" - the J is synonymous with Juventus globally.

In fact, Adidas already ditched the Juventus letter from the logo for the special Adidas x Palace x Juventus 2019-20 kit.

If you want to check out more about Juve's kits and the history, you can check out our article about the Juventus kit history or the Juventus Kit Archive on Football Kit Archive.

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