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Arminia Bielefeld To Update Logo Colors

Update: Arminia Bielefeld have reverted changing the club color to a much lighter blue after a large majority of fans voted against the new color. The club worked with the Fan Council to define a new official color, which is slightly lighter than the old one.

Arminia Bielefeld Members To Vote On New Shade Of Blue

There will be a vote on the new color at the annual general meeting on June 28 2021 in order to put this new "Arminia blue" into the club statutes.

25 October 2020: Arminia Bielefeld Finally Informs Fans About Logo Colors, Supporters To Vote On New Logo - How the Kits Look Like With the new Color

Update: Arminia Bielefeld has now finally informed fans that they have changed the previous dark blue in the logo in public representations into a light blue, as part of a new visual identity.

The club underlined that there is not a traditional Arminia blue but that they have been using different shades of blue during their history, with the light blue being used actually very often in the history.

The blue will now be voted on at the Annual General Meeting on December 3. It is not clear whether this is also in connection with the fact that this season for the first time the club does not wear blue jerseys. Arminia Bielefeld also apologized for fans that "they meant it well but did not explain it clearly and transparently".

Regarding the jerseys, we also thought it would be interesting to try and apply the new shade of blue to the old one that's still used on the 2020-21 kits - you can see the comparison for both the home and away below.

2020-21 Season: Arminia Bielefeld Silently Updates Logo Colors

German club Arminia Bielefeld is set to change the colors of the official club crest - Since a few months, Arminia Bielefeld has started to roll out a new version of their famous club logo with a lighter shade of blue.

Updated Arminia Bielefeld 2020 Logo

The modification of the Arminia Bielefeld logo is small but remarkable - the blue color is much lighter and brighter than the club's classic blue color.

However, while the change might be minimal for onlooker, fans are not happy. First, they denounce that the club has not yet made any official statement on the club logo's new colors, and second, and more importantly, they do not like the change.

The updated logo colors follow the club having a very uncommon black home jersey instead of the traditional blue, which was also not favored by fans.

Arminia Bielefeld 20-21 Bundesliga Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Arminia Bielefeld does not use the updated logo colors on their 2020-2021 home kit.

However, as organized supporters have already expressed their concerns, the updated logo colors are set to be a topic in the annual general meeting on 3 December 2020.

What do you think of the blue color Arminia Bielefeld made to its logo? Do you understand fans' anger? Comment below.