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Update: The new 2021 kits from Italian brand Givova for Argentinian teams Belgrano and Banfield come with one-of-a-kind relief logos. They were applied using the brand's 'transfer touch' technique, which allows you to add a relief and ensure a longer duration. Info and pictures via @marcadegol.

Update: The new FC Kobenhavn third shirt comes with a TPU plastic crest that has the pattern from the shirt on it (spotted by @hendocfc). We also added an image of the great crest of the Nike Los Pumas rugby shirt (crest made of raised rubber, but sewn to the jersey for maximum durability - via @marcadegol).

Copenhagen 20-21 Third Kit Crest Features Pattern Of Kit

2020-21 Football Kits Crests

The 2020-2021 football kit release season has brought us a ton of amazing jerseys. Something that already started some years ago is that brands and club swap the traditional stitched logos with head-applied crests - we take a look at the best plastic logos of the 2020-21 season.

Heat-Applied Plastic Logos - 2020-2021 Football Kits

Our examples of head-applied logos reveals that the quality of the "plastic logos" can not be compared to the quality of those crests just some years ago.

The award for the best crest in the 2020-2021 season almost certainly goes to Aston Villa - it is head-applied, with a mix plastic and traditional crest material. The result is an amazing 3D crest.

Italian club L.R. Vicenza Virtus and their supplier Lotto applied their crests in a way we have not seen before - it has a traditional stitched appearance head-applied on the kit.

Of course, there are still 20-21 soccer jerseys with those "horrible" plastic logos. One of them is Borussia Dortmund, whose authentic jersey has a cheap standard plastic logo - Puma's authentic jerseys have those "cheap, unpopular" crests in general.

VfB Stuttgart


Locomotive Moscow:



Aston Villa:


Barcelona - Stitched Crest, Heat-Applied Swoosh

Puma 20-21 Kits - 'Cheap Plastic Logos'

Which greatly head-applied crests have we forgotten to mention here? What do you think of head-applied plastic crests? Do you prefers stitched logos? Share your thoughts in the comments below.