Chelsea 21-22 Collection Leaked - Optical Illusion / Black & Yellow To Be Used For 21-22 Kit?

Update: We are able to leak two more products of the Nike Chelsea Football Club 21-22 collection that boast the optical illusion effect. They also come with an interesting minimalist "two circle" interpretation of the Chelsea crest.

EXCLUSIVE: Nike Chelsea 21-22 Home Kit Colors Leaked

A new Chelsea jacket for the 21-22 season was leaked by famous Ofoball. It is made by Nike and will be worn in next season's Premier League campaign.

Chelsea Nike 21-22 Jacket

Check out Nike's Chelsea FC 2021-22 jacket football jacket below.

The Nike Chelsea FC 21-22 jacket boasts a striking design in black and yellow. The outstanding element of the Nike Chelsea 21-22 jacket is an optical illusion in contrasting yellow on the front.

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The color scheme / design might be used for one of Chelsea's 2021-22 jackets or the club's pre-match jacket - but there is no info on the Chelsea 2021-22 jackets yet.

The sponsor is set to be placed below the club crest - Chelsea FC currently does not have a training sponsor.

Chelsea 21-22 Woven Short

Chelsea 21-22 Woven Short Youth

Chelsea FC's new 21-22 jacket kit will be released in May / June 2021 as part of a larger collection.

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