Clubs That Sell 20-21 Kits Without Sponsor

Many of the 2020-21 kits would look much better without a sponsor on them. However, while there is actually not really a chance to get a sponsor-free Man Utd kit in example, some 20-21 club kits are available without sponsors.

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2020-21 Football Kits Available Without Main Sponsor

There are different team's whose kits are available without a sponsor, including Celtic, West Ham and a few other...

West Ham United - Under 18 Kits

West Ham is offering a special "Under 18" version without the Betway betting sponsor.

English Teams - Youth Kits

Kits in children sizes often come without a main sponsor if the sponsor is from the alcohol, gambling or other adult industries..

Celtic - Shirt With No Sponsor

Celtic FC is offering fans to buy a sponsor-free version of their Adidas 2020-2021 home kit - the demand seems to be high as just one Size (XS) is available currently.

Adidas Celtic 20-21 Home Kit Released

South American Clubs - Shirts Often Sold Without Sponsors

Many South American teams are also selling their 2020-21 jerseys without sponsors or with less sponsors than the actual kit. This is also because teams often sign sponsorship deals just for a few weeks or even a single match.

Teams Without Main Sponsor At All - Often At Start Of Season

Hertha Berlin 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released - No Main Sponsor Officially Since Yesterday

Some other kits of the 2020-21 season are also available without a sponsor on the front, but that is because the clubs have no main sponsor yet.

Another change to get a sponsorless kit is that teams often produce those jerseys for other club's teams or as prototypes. In example, Watford's U18 is wearing sponsor-free kits.

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Do you know other teams that sell their 2020-2021 kits without a main sponsor? Comment below.