Destroyed By Sponsors - Nike Corinthians 20-21 Third Kit - Tribute To Small English Club

Corinthians yesterday debuted their new Nike 2020-2021 third kit in the match against Flamengo. However, the shirt looked not as stunning as on the launch pics, and that was because of the sponsors.

The Corinthians 2020-2021 third shirt is inspired by Corinthian-Casuals, an English team that has connection with Corinthians' foundation. The name of Corinthians was taken from Corinthian FC, an English amateur football club based in London between 1882 and 1939.

On Pitch: Corinthians 2020-2021 Third Kit

In contrast to the the shirt presented and being sold, the Corinthians 2020-21 third kit worn by players is plastered with sponsor logos - we have counted 10 different sponsor logos on the shirt alone, not counting thsoe on the shorts.

The Nike Corinthians 20-21 third kit is not available with the sponsor logos.

Corinthians 20-21 Third Kit Released - Pays Homage To English Amateur Club

It was not a successful debut for the Corinthians 2020-21 third kit as Corinthians lost 1-5 against Flamengo, a historic defeat for the club.

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