EXCLUSIVE: Next-Gen Adidas X 2021-22 Boots To Be Called "X SPEEDFLOW"

In early October 2020, we gave you an overview of the new naming system of Adidas for their soccer cleats. Today, we are able to reveal the "marketing" name of the next-generation Adidas X 2021-2022 soccer shoes.

New Naming System: Adidas 2021 Boots Line-up Leaked - Copa Sense, Predator Freak, X Ghosted & Nemeziz

Adidas X SPEEDFLOW Football Boots To Be Released In Summer 2021

The next-generation Adidas X 21-22 football boot will be called Adidas X Speedflow, following up on the Adidas X Ghosted. It is written SPEEDFLOW by Adidas officially.

The naming system for the versions will be as before - Adidas X Speedflow+, Adidas X Speedflow.1, Adidas X Speedflow.2 etc.

Tech-wise, nothing is known about the Adidas X SPEEDFLOW - we strongly expect them to be about lightweight and speed.

SPEEDFLOW. What do you think of the new marketing name for the next-generation Adidas X football boots? Are you a fan of these names in general? Comment below.