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Four France Players Without Boot Contract?

If you are interested in French football and like to watch matches of the French national team, you surely have noticed that some players have switched their boots reguarly in the past few months - this is because the boot deals of several France national players ended in Summer 2020.

Coman, Varane, Kimpembe & Martial Boot Old Contracts Ended This Summer

The reason for players to not wear the latest boots / blackout boots is most often the same - their contracts have ended. The boot contracts usually have the same end of contract date as the player's other deals - they often begin on July 1 and end on June 30. Let us take a look at the likely contract situation of Coman, Kimpembe, Martial and Varane.

The four France national team players who have caught people's attention because of wearing blackout, other brand's or old boots are Real Madrid's Raphael Varane, Kingsley Coman, Presnel Kimpembe and Anthony Martial.

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Raphael Varane: Nike -> Nike / Puma

In September 2020, Varane was spotted wearing Puma Ultra soccer boots in one of Real Madrid's training sessions. However, in France's last match and latest training session, he used his regular Nike Tiempo Legend boots.

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Contract Situation: Varane has possibly already extended his deal with Nike, or his deal with Nike is valid for a few more months.

Kingsley Coman: Nike -> Nike?

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Kingsley Coman had been lacing up in the same old blue Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 football boots for several months. However, in France's latest national team game, he switched to the latest Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 boots.

Contract Situation: Kingsley Coman might have extended his deal with Nike this month.

Presnel Kimpembe: Nike -> ???

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Kimpembe laced up in an old Nike Mercurial Vapor boot as well as in the Adidas Adizero boot from 2014.

Contract Situation: Presnel Kimpembe is without a boot contract.

Anthony Martial: Nike -> Puma / ???

In the case of Anthony Martial, it is certain that he is without a valid boot deal. The Manchester United player is wearing blackout boots (Nike Mercurial & Puma Ultra) - he previously had a boot contract with Nike.

Contract Situation: Anthony Martial is without a boot contract.

Do you know other famous players without a boot contract currently? Comment below.