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Getafe Changes Name & Club Logo For Barca Match - Here Is Why

Spanish club Getafe Football Club changes its name to ask the world not to lose faith for one week - in the match against Barca, Getafe C.F. will be known as "FE C.F.".

Getafe CF Removes Geta from Name To Make Aware Of People Who Lost Their Lives In COVID-19 Pandemic And Give People Faith

By removing the Geta from the club name, Getafe wants to send a send a positive message to the world" while making aware of those who lost their dearest in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fe translates to Faith

In fact, while the word Geta has no special meaning, the Fe translates to Faith. Getafe is a city in the south of the Community of Madrid.

"The situation that we have had to live at a world level is exceptional and Getafe C.F. cannot remain impassive, so it has decided to send a positive message to the world, because if history has demonstrated something, it is that we are capable of overcoming any adversity, for this reason the Club wants to ask the world not to lose faith, because it is capable of doing incredible things."

Getafe CF is launching this campaign with the help of the 'Rocky Russian' Agency, with which it tries to give a boost to the people of Getafe at a very difficult time for everyone.

What do you think of Getafe changing their name, logo and other stuff to help people sending a positive message in the COVID-19 crisis? Let us know in the comments below.