Nike 20-21 Fourth Kits Revealed / Leaked - Barça, Inter, Liverpool, PSG, Chelsea & Spurs

Update: All of Nike's special jerseys (except Inter's - no leak yet) for the 2020-2021 season have been revealed. Only those of Barcelona and PSG are real fourth kits as the Air Max jerseys of Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham will be not used in official matches.

Last season, Nike for the first time released special fourth jerseys for several of their teams. Nike continues this for the 2020-21 season - we take a look at the Nike 2020-2021 Fourth Jerseys.

Nike 2020-2021 Fourth Jerseys

Nike is releasing fourth kits for six of their big teams - FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham.

Barcelona Nike 20-21 'El Clásico' Fourth Jersey

The Nike FC Barcelona 20-21 Clásico football shirt introduces a unique design that's quite unusual - for the first time ever, the Blaugrana stripes and the Catalan flag are combined.

Nike Air Max Liverpool 20-21 Fourth Kit

The Liverpool 2020-21 Air Max fourth jersey is predominantly white with a pinstripe pattern on the front and back.

Nike Chelsea 2020-2021 'Air Max' Fourth Jersey

The collar of the Chelsea 2020-21 Air Max jersey is split between blue and red, with the design continuing onto the front and fading towards the 'Air 180' sponsor.

Tottenham Hotspur 2020-2021 Fourth Jersey

The new Tottenham 2020-2021 fourth football shirt introduces a bold and eye-catching gradient design, closely inspired by the iconic Nike Air Max 95.

Paris Jordan 20-21 Fourth Jersey

The Jordan Paris SG 2020-21 Fourth shirt boasts a futuristic looking design and color combo. It combines purple and pink in a bold all-over brush design, while black is used for the logos as well as the collar.

Nike Inter Milan 20-21 4th Jersey

Nothing concrete about the design of the Nike Internazionale 20-21 4th jersey is known. The only info available is that the Nike Inter 20-21 Fourth football shirt combines the colors "White / White". The Nike Inter 2020-21 4th football shirt could very well also add a third color.

The 20-21 fourth kits of all but Inter have been already released.

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