Nike Air Max Chelsea 20-21 Fourth Kit Released

The Chelsea 2020-21 'Air Max' fourth kit has been released. It is very, very unlikely to be ever used in an official match as it features an Air 180 sponsor.

Nike Air Max Chelsea, Liverpool & Tottenham Kits Released

By releasing a fourth kit, Chelsea joins fellow Premier League sides Liverpool and Tottenham, as well as fellow Nike clubs Barcelona, Inter and PSG.

Unless with Liverpool and Tottenham's 2020-21 Nike fourth kits, which already got leaked, we only are able to confirm the color of the Chelsea 20-21 fourth strip at this point.

Nike 20-21 Fourth Kits 'Leaked' - Barça, Inter, Liverpool, PSG & Tottenham

Nike Chelsea 2020-2021 'Air Max' Fourth Jersey

This picture shows the 'Air Max' Chelsea 2020-21 fourth jersey, made by Nike.

Based on the same template as the third kitThe Chelsea 20-21 fourth shirt is predominantly white and based on the same template as the club's third kit.

The collar of the Chelsea 2020-21 Air Max jersey is split between blue and red, with the design continuing onto the front and fading towards the 'Air 180' sponsor.

There is no alternative version with the regular sponsor - the Chelsea first-team will wear it ahead of a match only.

Nike Air Max 20-21 Kits Allowed In Official Matches?

The way the red and blue stripes on the front fade is reminiscent of the Air Max shoes that were released together with the Chelsea 2020-2021 third kit.

Chelsea 20-21 Third Kit Revealed

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