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Nike Flight Premier League 20-21 Winter Ball Released

The'Hi-Vis' winter edition of the 2020-21 Premier League football was released. The ball will be used for the first time on November 21.

It features a vibrant look in yellow and purple based on the same template as the regular 20-21 Premier League ball, of course also based on Nike's latest model, 'Flight'.

Nike Premier League 20-21 Winter Ball

This picture shows the new Premier League football by Nike.

The Nike Flight Premier League 20-21 Hi-Vis football is predominantly yellow with the upper graphic featuring purple and red. It's the same graphic as on the standard colorway, in use since the start of the season, while the colorway closely resembles those used on previous Nike winter balls.

The Swoosh features a subtle checker pattern, different from the one seen on the default colorway, while a purple monochrome Premier League logo is visible on the surface of the ball as well, alongside the 2020-2021 text.

Tech-wise, this 20-21 Premier League soccer ball is the same as other Nike Flight footballs, featuring Aerosculpt technology.

The Nike Premier League Flight 2020-21 Hi-Vis ball was released on 5 November 2020.

Nike Flight Winter Ball - Standard Version

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