Nike Strike Phantom Scorpion 'Secret Tournament' Ball Released

Update: The Nike Secret Tournament 2002-inspired football was released yesterday, together with the Nike Phantom GT Scorpion football boots. The Nike Scorpion 2020 ball is only available as lower-tier Nike Strike version. Nike does not sell the ball online yet.

Outstanding Nike Phantom GT 'Secret Tournament' Boots Leaked

Eric Cantona & Original Ball

A few days ago we showed you the upcoming special-edition Nike Phantom GT boots inspired by the iconic 'Secret Tournament' ad from 2002 and now we can show that, among other items, Nike will also release a football inspired by the one used in the video.

Nike Strike Phantom Scorpion Ball

This picture shows the new Nike Strike Phantom Secret Tournament football.

A unique look, the ball has a metallic-chrome upper with a graphic that's roughly based on the Geo Merlin. The graphic, just like the Swoosh and Aerosculpt logos, is black.

First Goal Wins.A special Nike Strike Scorpion logo rounds off the look alongside a Scorpion graphic on the other side, paying tribute to the tournament that was never to be and that had just one rule - "First Goal Wins."

Outstanding Nike Phantom GT 'Secret Tournament' Boots Leaked

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